ASRock storms into graphics market with Phantom Gaming Series GPU Cards

A leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is moving into the graphics card market with the Phantom Gaming range – a strong line up of AMD Radeon™ RX500 series cards, including the Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8G, Radeon RX570 8G, the Phantom Gaming Radeon RX560 2G and Radeon RX550 2G.

Z370 Taichi, Clube do Hardware: Recommended

Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE, TechPowerUp: Highly Recommended

Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac, Funky Kit: Editor's Choice

Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE, TECHLABS.BY: Perfection Hardware

Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac, HKEPC: Editor's Choice

Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac, Hardwareinside: Gold

Z370 Killer SLI, HW Legend: Gold

X299 Extreme4, Value/Quality

X299 Taichi XE, ProClockers: Highly Recommended

X299 Extreme4, TechPowerUp: Editor's Choice

Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE, Platinum

Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac, Funky Kit: Editor's Choice

X370 Pro4, TweakTown: Best Features

X299 Taichi XE, Gold

X370 Taichi, Pure Overclock: Must Have

Z370 Killer SLI, Hardware Ready: 5 / Best Buy / Gold

  I have loved ASRock Motherboards for years and have used them in my last 4 builds Given the whole GPP thing, looks like I am buying a Sapphire or ASRock Card for my next build Nvidia is so anti-consumer right now, it makes me sick I can't wait to see what comes out of thisBigBossRobin
  I can not wait for these to come outTommy Ecotec
  Jesus did I just watch a Transformers trailer or something lol, I love it thoNeoBlue10
  Nice trailer Nice graphics card Good jobMarcinDk10
  Very Cool :) Glad to see ASRock is entering the GPU market!Cryptomined1