ASRock Announces Full-Featured AMD X470 Motherboard Series

The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is pleased to announce the launch of the its new AMD X470 motherboard series with ASRock's new high end product line, the Taichi Ultimate. These motherboards, the latest in the company's growing series of products for AMD processors, feature the powerful X470 chipset. The ASRock X470 motherboards keep pace with AMD's newest next generation Ryzen CPUs, with a special focus on giving users the best possible performance from the latest Pinnacle Ridge CPUs.

ASRock Completes Intel® 300 Series Motherboard Line Up With Impressive New Features

The leading global motherboard manufacturer, ASRock, is pleased to announce the launch of the latest motherboards in the company's extensive series of products based on Intel® 300 series chipsets. With these new releases, ASRock completes its Intel® 300 series line up, and is now able to offer a complete range of Intel® 300-based motherboards suitable for all users and market sectors.

X299 Taichi XE, Hardwareinside: Gold

X299E-ITX/ac, TECHLABS.BY: Original Development

X470 Taichi Ultimate, Tech Testers: Recommended

X299 Taichi XE, eTeknix: Extreme

X470 Taichi Ultimate, eTeknix: Editor's Choice

X470 Taichi Ultimate, Best Performance / Best Innovation

X470 Taichi, HKEPC: Innovative Design

X299 Taichi XE, ReHWolution: Diamond

X470 Taichi Ultimate, Wccftech: Extreme OC

X299 Extreme4, Tom's Hardware: Editor's Choice

Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 XE, HWBOX: Performance / Sexy Looks

H310M-HDV, Good Performance / Best Value

AB350 Pro4, Clube do Hardware: Recommended

Z370 Killer SLI/ac, TecnoGaming: Recommended

X299 Extreme4, ReHWolution: Gold

DeskMini GTX/RX (Z370), TechPowerUp: Editor's Choice

X299M Extreme4, Best Performance / Best Innovation

H370M-ITX/ac, TweakTown: Best Features

X399M Taichi, Wccftech: Editor's Choice

Z370 Extreme4, ReHWolution: Gold

  Nice marketing video, now fix the tai chi's bios interface and we'll talkDennis Rigdon
  Pretty nice It's probably gonna be my next boar1idd0kun
  And again one of the most overkill boards!!!! (i have x370 taichi) LOVE ITMR/TROLL
  I all ways love the tichi series and fatalitySuper TV
  Wowwhat a best moboFun Kingdom